Friday, 1 December 2017



I absolutely love Country Road. It has been one of my favourite brands for years and that is because of one reason...


The quality of their clothing is absolutely fantastic - that is if you look after it properly. Some of their knits that I bought more than 5 years ago are still in tip-top shape and we all know knits are usually one of the pieces that ruins easily. May I add that we are talking about merino wool, cashmere and so forth, the delicate kind of knits. 

Country Road is not one of your most affordable brands, but spending a little bit more for quality is definitely worth it. They're also one of those brands that are great for basics like t-shirts, jeans, suits and coats. I believe that spending a little bit more on basics and a little less on trendy items is the way to a perfect timeless closet. 

Above are some of my current favourites from their summer collection. I think these pieces make up the perfect capsule wardrobe for this season. All you still need is a hat, bikini and a bottle of sunscreen and you're good to go to whatever tropical destination your heart desires.

Shop the pieces here.


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