Friday, 14 August 2015


Medium denim shirt | MANGO

Essential cotton-blend blazer | MANGO

Essential Cotton blend blazer (previous picture: Denim Shirt)

Strap top | MANGO

Strap Top

Premium - double-breasted blazer | MANGO

Double breasted blazer

High waist jeans | MANGO

High waist jeans

Wrap v-neckline jumpsuit | MANGO

Wrap V-neck jumpsuit

Chest-pocket flowy blouse | MANGO

Chest pocket flowy blouse

Striped cotton t-shirt | MANGO

Striped Cotton T-shirt

Faux leather backpack | MANGO

Faux leather Backpack

Lace-up leather sneakers | MANGO

Lace-up leather sneakers


Introducing a new category on Basics Fashion Blog.

SHOP WITH US will feature our top 10 picks from a specific brand. Just click on the picture you like (for the link) and start shopping.

This week we are sharing our favourites from MANGO.


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